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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Muscle sprain, acute tendenitis

Monday morning after subuh prayers, I climbed back to bed.
While rolling towards hubby, I heard sumthing pops in my shoulder..and suddenly I can't move my arms.

Dear Husband (DH) puts some blue ointment on the parts that hurts, then we continue sleeping until 8; time to get ready for work.
I still coudn't move my right arm, so went to Klinik Lita Alis at 9am.

Turns out that the pain was caused by muscle sprain. According to Doctor Yusman, this is so common when you're pregnant.He said, this time everything in you are expanding, even your eyeballs! :P so..that means ur ligaments and everything are stretching too..and when ur not careful this is what happens. And when it happens, the pain will not go away until the baby is born, until ur body return back to its normal state. Haha..rasekan! :p

So he gave me some ointments, some pills for angin, tahan sakit and bengkak. He also advise to put icepack or tungku at the pain area to reduce swelling/pain.
And I did, I put the icepack..and for some unknown reasons the pain area swells and got all red!

Huh..then I just gave up. I ate, took my meds and slept.
Painkillers are painkillers, they kill the pain but only for a while. When the meds are done, the pain come rushing worst then ever.

So this morning, I went back to the clinic to get another day of rest (mc). The doc recognizes my pain (thank god) and gave me another pill, the pill saraf.

Ugh and until now the pain have not yet subside..and I gave up. I wont take the meds either coz I'm scared it will effect the baby.

Tomorrow I have to get back to work, 2 days of mc is enuff for me..cukuplaaa tido tuhh..

And for you pregnant ladies out there, pls take care not to get any muscle sprain..coz it hurts like h***! hih..


At 2am later, encik yeh will go syariah auditing and will only be back tomorrow morning.
Take care encik abg!


The hot air balloon thingy was superb.
Abah tried to get us all to go up the balloons (except for the pregnant lady la ofcos :p) but we arrived a bit late and all the balloons have their own customers already.
Anyways, we managed to get close enuff to the balloons to see how big and amazing it was.

And only to know later that 1 of the balloons fall at the traffic light, another in between trees and lakes, 2 bump on each other and bring each other down..never to go up again. wahaha..ade hikmah rupenye x dapat naik :p

Abg was very2 happy, as he get to take lots and lots of pics.


The Qisya Sofea , daughter of Hawa Liyana

saye ade lesung pipit tau..hik hik..


shahee kheyroon an nisa'a said...

ouh ko ade acute tendenitis?
cute tak tendenitis tu? huhuhu

LonTugi said...

wah... better be careful next time nadiah... :)

nad said...

shy: a'a cute sangat sampai mc 2 hari :p

iggy: tulaaa..nanti u pregnant ingat tau, jangan buas2 sangat hehe

mieza said...

aku tau pon dari kak salina die ckp kat surau smalam hehe

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