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Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Contract

So I've spoken to my supervisor abt the contract, and got some remarks like 'uh..hope they take u back in after maternity coz we really need u to help out' and 'its ok, boss knows u shd be ok lah' and 'usually they will take u back'. Ok, all positives but with all the 'shd be', 'hope', 'usually' .. I dont dare to get my hopes up.

And yesterday I went down to see THE ** PEOPLE.
They said that they wanted me to continue under W**, and no more under J**.But they cannot take me in until after my contract end. And since my contract will expire during my confinement period, they can only take me in 10weeks after my delivery date.
Which means I still won't get paid after 16thMay, but I might still have a job after mid July.
(can I resign from j** so they can take me in earlier? kui kui..a question I dont dare ask)

I will have to go thru some interview and written assessments somewhere early April, in order to continue under W**. I have to say that I dont have much confidence..I have hardly learnt anything, there are still so much basic things I dont understand..and written assesment? lamanya tak go thru these kinds of things..huhu

From the looks of it, THE ** PEOPLE is trying to help but not promising anything. They only said 'I will get u to be under Temporary Post in W**' and 'I think u will get your job back after maternity' and 'I will talk to Geneva abt this and see if I can get u in earlier..I'm definitelty going around it so u can be under W** much earlier, which shd be much more exciting for u' and '..don't worry..' hmm..
I don't know..I guess I'll just pray for the best..

But thinking of the 10weeks maternity leave..actually puts a smile on my face. This means I can spend more time with my baby :D. Although money will be an issue, but I guess I'm taking your advise (thanks kak opin, cikpid, kakct and everyone) is rezeki that only Allah can give :). I've tried my best to solve this issue, and its now time to let Allah do His job.

My half day leave is approved for tomorrow :D yeyyy
Hubby has some meeting he has to go to in Damansara by I'll follow him there and will lepak at Ikano or Ikea while waiting for him :D
Ikano has this 'Brands Outlet' which they sell branded baby stuff very2 cheap..
And I'll definitely walk around surveying strollers and baby cot..hmm..I'll definitely enjoy myself tomorrow..sape nak ikut?
hik hik

p/s mieza..dah updaate hihi
pps to whom it may concern i have edited the company's name. and for you who fwd my blog to the respective companies..thank you..but your assistance was actually not needed :D


mieza said...

hehe masheh update..
anyways...the written assessment and watever test tu is very simple nad..way easier than maersk :) so u got nothing to worry about

and oh saya nak ikut! bosan la kat ofis ni huhu..bile daaa nak join lunch skali nii

ummi said...


it's your first baby. Concentrate on you pregnancy and on your delivery. You and baby is more important then money. It definitely will come with out any help from anybody and without you knowing it.

Kak Opin dulu masa anak sulong, Gaji abang jamal walupun lecture politeknik tapi sebab diploma aja cuma RM950. Tapi alhamdulillah, rezeki di mana2. The time will come.

I believe both of the family, either yeh or yours do understand both of you and yeh situation.

Don't worry too much and look after your self and the baby. We all need money, but money not everything. OK?

The Urban Muslimah said...

salam Kak Nad,

macam2 hal keje contract ni kan? Tp takpe kak, pasal duit jgn dirisaukan sangat. Rezki yg dtg skali ngan baby tu mungkin lg berlipatganda kan? :)

Take care kak!

Rubina Yunal

Azie Nazri said...

nak ikut!!! hehehehe

besnyeeee nak beli barang baby!

I pray that everything goes well.


nad said...

kak opin: yupp yupp..dah malas nak risau dah pasal money issue..asalkan baby sihat, then everything shd be great! :D

cik nina: thanks thanks thanks :D i'm sorry i didnt get to make the name cards with u before i hand over norllmaster to my mom..but i'll definitely recommend u and if i ever need to make namecards, i'll defintely let u know k :)

azie: besssst tapi x dapat gi ikano..sempat gi jusco je..tapi now baby ade pampers, barut, tuala, selimut, mittens, socks, cap and baby wipes!! a lot of things yet to hehe

nad said...

mieza: oh ek? hehe hopefully they'll let me do the test/assesments before my due date uhuhu