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Monday, March 16, 2009

oh no..

I called up j** just now, telling the person in charge of my due date.
Earlier, the same person told me that I'll be getting 60days maternity leave. But now he is saying that since my contract expires 16th May 2009, which is during my maternity leave..I would only get my maternity leave untill my contract ends.
Which means, I will only get paid for up to 16th May and after that I might not have a job anymore coz my contract expires..unless W** wants me back.

Oh ok..I''m quite frustrated about this. Yes, he said not to worry about a thing, just deliver safely. What? of course I have to worry..I have a job but it is sooo unstable, and what about the money? When having a baby it is known that the expenses will definitely expand..and without a job how can I cope? Yupp, hubby has a secure job..but he needs me to help too..I just can't bear to burden him with too many things..

Don't get me wrong, I am very2 thankful that despite being pregnant I still managed to get a job..but I'm hoping that I will still have a job after my maternity leave. Its understandable rite?

Hmm..I might have to talk to my supervisors about this..maybe to possibly foresee my future in W**, of securing a job that is..
And to pray hard..coz I know Allah knows best..

sabo je lah...


ummi said...

Jangan risau nad...your life had so much blessing. Anak bawa rezki. You will had more thajn what you had now dengan syarat, berserah, tawakkal dan doa...there always be test and there always be rewards after patient and tawakkal.

Nape kak opin tak boleh bukak blog yeh? Boleh bukak 2 sec pastu hilang!

nad said...

hehe tq kak opin..need it lots :)

eh? tatau..nad bukak ok je..tapi mmg lambat sikit nak load blog tu kak opin..sbb banyak gambar kot..tatau la..

Cikpid said...

Nad..Insyaallah ade rezeki anak tu nnti..percayalaa..

mieza said...

nad..update me kang!
u know where..kalo tak surau, email kalo tak email come join lunch wif me heheh..u know d drill

nad said...

cikpid: thanks :D yeyy

mieza: got my mail? dah update hihi