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Thursday, April 09, 2009


Yupp2, I'm officially 37 weeks pregnant today.
Edd is on 30th April 09..and I'm kinda freaking out..kui kui.

BH? yupp sometimes I feel them..I think..but not too sure if they are what I think they are hehe..
Talked to one of the supervisors today, and she actually predicted that my baby may be born this weekend or next week..according to the full moon theory :p
I dunno..I guess I'm leaving everything to the BIG guy up there, and the SMALL guy inside.
I'm hooooping and praaaying hard for a normal delivery..Insyallah..(aminkan ye kawan2)
As long as the baby is OK, I'm OK too..


I'm sneezing all day, feel kinda lightheaded and very2 uncomfortable currently.
Is it normal for a 37weeks pregnancy??
or do I sense a flu/fever coming?
uh uh..

Come on Nad, pls be healthy..the li'l kid needs u to be..


Esok cuti..bestnye :D
Gooood Fridayy


Cikpid said...

huh..sudah hampir masanye..brg dh packing lom??chaiyo2...

nad said...

udahhh..2 minggu lepas dah siap taruk tepi pintu :D hehehe

ciPuding_7 said...

tak sabar nak tgk muka bby fotostet muka sapa.. hehehehe..

chayok nad..!!

(p/s: congrats in advance)

Twiggy said...

good luck Nad!!!! i'll be saying a little prayer for your safe deilvery of the little one! *hugs*