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Friday, March 14, 2008

No purpose, just happy

I felt happy today. I truly do.

Its the 2nd time i've been given the chance to hold another cute arab baby girl. She cant speak yet, but was smiling and laughing so hard while i held her in my arms. So cute, but so heavy hehe.

Her parents was nice. They owned Aulad Darwish, a place where we often go to eat kibdah and kusyri. Plus, they knew abg's name 'elyas' by heart. Whenever we met, they nvr forgets to at least calls out 'elyas!'.
Well..yeah, they're one of those arabs we'll miss. And i pray for that little girl i carried to have a bright future.

I dont know why, but these words by Ernest Hemmingway kept on playing in my mind.

For sale: Baby shoes, never worn.

This is his shortest short story ever, done only with 6 words.

I came up with sumthing like this earlier today, but its best if i keep it for myself.

- in the bedroom, watching muay thai chaiya while enjoying the banana custard n jelly we made. Nyum-


ZackIdris said...

Upon reading most of the entries, I am considering to be a house wife too. eh no house husband shud be, innit?

so relaxing and enjoying. wish i cud have dat too

all in all, im glad to know u r coping fine dere

take care n god bless

nad said...

Me all smiles reading ur comment *wink wink*

Cik AnGaH said...

may Allah bless u always there..
hopefully..u'll carry ur own baby soon...insya allah..