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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Nak Jual..Preloved Playground

Selling this whole set! Trust is worth it!


iza...affa said...

brp henggit ni?

aNiSr 97 said...

brape nad~ ym anis k please! tq~


Twiggy said...

seriously?!?! is it still vailable??

Nadiah Azharuddin said...

fiza, anis and raja: kitorang terpakse jual the whole set with meja kerusi, notice boards, white boards, shoe rack, drawers..etc..typically the whole tadika set for 6k..kalau u guys nak or know sumone yg nak setup tadika, let me know k?

newlifenewbeginning said... u have izyan in ur fb's list? izyan from maersk dat is..kalo tade takpela, i gv u her number (0196969668)..bos dia punya wife ada tadika..maybe u can try kontek dat person ke camne..mana tau dia nak new set of items for d tadika..

nad said...

wow..ok..thanks mieza!! ape izyan punye fb? dah lama x contact org msk..