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Sunday, April 11, 2010

The little munchkin

  • Adam can now crawl and stand by himself.
  • He loves watching football..its one of those things which will make him focus to the tv :P
  • Other than football he loves spongebob, wonderpets and those adverts with songs or kids..speshly cornetto icecream advert, ntv 7, tv3 and american idol
  • He can walk but prefers to take it slow, but getting one point to another..he runs :D
  • He takes anmum..but still prefers mommy's
  • His first flight was to Redang..but I guess many more to come insyallah
  • He loves to look at paintings and flowers
  • He points to things and pronounce something like 'tu??' or 'there'
  • He can say car!
  • He shouts a lot..speshly when ecxited.
  • Oh..and he even uses both his hands to slap his head when over excited or when not getting what he wants ( this, i worry)
  • He does things and laughs until we laughed as well
  • When seeing other kids, he gets excited..he wants to get down and run around as well!
  • Nasi? he loves them..can eat 4 portions in one day
  • Heinz corn biscuits is his fav
  • He loves to play with Ummi's toothbrush when bathing
  • A copycat..Abi tries to comb his messy hair, he grabs the comb and start combing himself :p
  • Loves to chase the cat..pull the tail or grab the fur..i pity the cat
  • His walker is not his very bestfriend anymore now that he can push it away
  • His part of the wardrobe is packed..rupenye he has a lot of baju..most dah tak fit..well, mostly seluar dah pendek..which explains that he grows up, not wide
  • He is now asleep..and I finally can update hehe
  • Oh..its hard for us to get him to sleep daytime nowadays..he just wants to play

The little munchkin is so cute..a few years back I didnt even dare dream that I could have a child :) But Alhamdulillah..I know that I'm blessed, the fact that Adam is with us now..and loving lots and lots of attention!

He will be 1 this Wednesday..I guess we wont be having any birthday parties.The whole family will just go for a nice dinner, and give Adam presents :)

We bought a swimming pool with a mushroom top for him for his 1st birthday, hope he likes it!! :D

It looks like this:

Nice huh? hehe..cant wait to get him in there..

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