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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy birthday my darling Adam!

Today, a year 2pm I was induced for the sole purpose of making way for the little baby boy. The experience? owch..but wonderful..

Yes there were contractions..slow at first but became more intense later.
The doc advised for epidural..I took it at about 4pm. Epidural? A long and big needle poked into your back :P

At 5:30pm I was already smiling..but Adam's heartbeat was getting slower by the second..
The doc advised to push near to 6pm..2 times, didnt work..doc threatens to caesar. 6.08pm lo and behold!! Adam has arrived!

Well..the story of his birth is obviously much more comprehensive..but I choose to just tell the important ones :)

To Adam..Ummi doesnt know any other way to say it..Ummi just love you with all my heart..
Ummi always pray for you..and thankful that you are here and loved very much by all people around..

Please be thankful..we may not be rich but we have enough..hey..u get to breastfeed up to now!! :D When you grow up..don't forget to pray for everyone as everyone will always pray for you..jangan tinggal solat, solat tu tiang agama ;)

Ok, dah tanak membebel..just want to tell what we did for the celebrations..
Last Sunday night the whole fam plus Hawa's li'l fam went makan2 at san fransisco pizza at bangi. Food was nice and we top it up with a new york cheese cake by secret recipe that adam seems to love so much :D

Adam get presents, Alhamdulillah. Tok bi gave a bike, Tok mi gave a mini car, umi and abi gave a swimming pool plus car plus sampan hehe, paksu gave a car (collecters item mercedes), pakchom gave 2 fisher price toys and ateh hawa gave a pair of shirt and shorts :D
Thank you everyone!!

And last nite we bought satay, donuts, crisp and bottles drinks. Did a mini party to celebrate the li'l guy :D

Pictures? later lah kat rumah, lupa bawak hehe
Yey Adam..Happy 1st Birthday :)


Azie Nazri said...

Sweeet. :)

Happy Birthday Adam!
Moga membesar jadi anak yang soleh for ummi and abi. :)

Cik AnGaH said...


baby adam!
aunty angah ucapkan happy st birthday!!!
moga jadi anak yg soleh dan membahagiakan ibu n ayah...

huuu..dah setahun adam pun, tak penah tgk secara live lagik! :D

iEfa said...

wahhh induce ker nad...saket yo...huhuhu

nwey eppi bufdayy little adam ;-) jd ank yg soleh yer...

Nadiah Azharuddin said...

azie: tq!!
angah: haa tau xpe hehe
pipah: a'a induce sbb ade problem haritu..induce lg sakit drpd normal ke?

Twiggy said...

happy belated birthday adam!!! dah besar dah little hero nad nihhh!!

nad said...

aunty raje: hehe tq!!! a'a la aunty..dahleh ngorat aunty punye princess dah :P