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Saturday, April 03, 2010


Lately there are too much news of babies being abandoned..being bitten by dogs..killed..

I dont know..all this is making me sick. Well..I know there are all sorts of reasons..and one of them is that the so called daddies left the poor mommies alone..and the mommies are scared..and felt there are so much more things they have not seen and done..(stupid reasons, really)

I hope not to be tangled in this situation when we've grown old. I want to stroll down the park together..old and wrinkled..but smiling and holding hands :).

But mommies..please..whatever happens,dont abandon your children. Please dont be selfish..the little ones are yours...they are Allah's blessing. While other's hoped for at least one but got non, you are blessed! They are not at fault if things came between the matter how you try to defer..u can't..

Yes, he had cheated.Yes, you were cheated.
Yes, you sacrificed..but pls remember, its not for nothing.You are a mom.
You have your children. Let him be shallow if he wants you..but treat your children as they are a part of yourself.Please, this i beg you.Please..Please..Please..

Even worse if you've adopt a child that is not motherless..Think of the little one u took..u even told his mom not to ever see him..heck, u even told him not to go see his mom..Most've promised that you'll never leave.

Dont let him fall by himself..

I'm sorry..had to let it out..i can't take it anymore.

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