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Monday, November 15, 2010


The boss giving her speech. Actually my intention was to snap the pic of the delicious-gila-mati Sheppards pie..but mcm kesian je klu x snap pics of the other people and food kan..hak hak hak

Jelly betingkat2 tu is home-cooked by yours truly :P

The theme was Deepa-Raya..I wore my sis's kurung pahang. Even though its big, it still looked funny with my tummy bulging out..haha..but sorry, no pics of meself. Its a big No-No!

Most of the food is home cooked..but taste so professional..
The team obviously has girls who can really cook! (excluding me..ehems :p)

My Jelly? Some ate 3 cups, some bring home end of the lunch break, all were wiped out! Yeyy..alhamdulillah

Plus, I got nice compliments on the Jelly and some even asked for recipes! malu, but so happy that ppl love the Jelly :)

*Happy that today finally the boss approved my raya haji leave *sapu dahi* fuhh!

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