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Friday, December 17, 2010

Post - 3rd Wedding Anniversary

Our wedding that was held at Perbadanan Putrajaya

The date for akad nikah was 15th December 2007. I still remembered the 'butterflies' I had in my tummy that morning, the look on hubby's face before he recite 'Aku terima nikahnya...' and the looks on his face after everything was over.

I still remembered our outdoor and indoor photoshoot with Lan and Mun. And how we dragged Tim, Shy and Hawa along :p (these gals are the best..they put up with me the whole time of ups and downs before me getting married..including the night before akad..thanks dearies!)

After the photoshoot hubby went back to his Makteh's place to get ready for the kenduri the next day..and I instantly had a flue plus fever! That night hubby came over to pass something..and I remembered how my fever magically disappeared the moment I saw him :P cheesy tak cheesy..that was what happen :P haha

The next morning after the kenduri (17th Dec), we headed to LCCT for our flight to Langkawi.
We missed the flight as my father's driver drove rather slow..huhu..but thanks tu Abah's internal friends..they put us on the very next flight hehe..

We stayed in Langkawi for 1week..and after the Kenduri in Perlis (a beautiful one!), we headed off to Egypt.

Egypt was a was actually our honeymoon for a year. And I remembered the feeling when hubby announced he passed his exams :)

There are lots more that I remembered but if I jot down everything the post will never end I guess :p

We didn't really celebrate it this year due to various reasons. Hubby gave me a heart shaped pillow which is so adorable..and I paid for our anniversary lunch at Pizza Hut yesterday :)

Thank you Abang, I love u much! I hope for better years to come with Adam, adik..and maybe more adik? (hahaha takotnye!)


peah said...

hepi anniversary....miting smlm mmg abes lmbt....sian kat ko xdpt nak celebrate....
thn lepas yeh kat Tuan Haji siap ingat lg yg masa kat Jepun thn lps Yeh ade mention psl anniversary korang...huhu...smp bos pun tau tuh....

kurusnya yeh dolu...huhu....

Azie Nazri said...

and I remember reading ur posts back then with a smile. Still do, of course :)
Happy anniversary kak nad & abg yeh.
May Allah bless your family.

nad said...

peah: hahahaha pun masa wedding dan gemuk sket..2tahun sebelum kawen berat dia 45kilo weh..haha

azie: tq azie!! selalu2 la singgah :D

lee's daughter said...


happy anniversary to u n yeh! =)
huhu..teringat masa ktorg g wedding ko secara berjemaah tu,singgah kat tasik sat,kt masjid ptrajaya tu..siap posing2 dulu ok!

nway,aku doakan semoga ko,yeh,adam n future baby akan sentiasa bahagia dan berada di bwh RahmatNYA sentiasa ya... ameenn..

** psstt..psstt..doa2kan aku...hahahaha...;p