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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Rumah sewa area Putrajaya / Cyberjaya

Pic taken from here (comel kan gamba ni? hehe)

So now its official that we have got to move out from the rented house in Setia Alam as the new tenant will be coming in on 15th Dec.

We initially wanted to buy a house..and have found some good bargains (haha can use this word?) as well

But with 15days..dont think the loan can be approved that fast, we also havent surveyed which bank is best to give out house loans / mortgage..maybe sometime soon..

So to keep all the furnitures, wedding presents and boxes of things from the UK and everywhere else, we need to find a house to rent asap.

If anyone reading this knows/ knows anyone who wants to rent a house in Putrajaya, Desa Pinggiran Putra, Taman Putra Perdana, Bandar Saujana Putra or Taman Equine or anywhere nearby..pls2 do let me know k?

Hmm and to anyone at all who needs a house to rent in Cyberjaya u can contact me as well.
The house is partly furnished and has 24hrs security. Prefers family / working girls :).



Adam woke up this morning terus cakap 'Ummi nak tuyun (turun)'
I asked 'Nak turun ke nak tido?' (i need to siap2 for work first :P)
Adam said 'Nak tido' terus pusingkan badan and slept until i left for work..haha..baru 1yr plus dah ada habit malas bangun :P


Surrey said...

I want to rent the house in that area. How can I contact you?

nad said...

Hi email me at

Bandar Putra Permai e Community said...

Salam..Jemput sertai Forum komuniti Bandar Putra Permai di
E Komuniti Bandar Putra Permai dan dapatkan info terkini kejiranan, aduan, cadangan, iklan servis dan perkhidmatan anda.

Jery_Alid Misyahzniirf said...

salam, akak ada rumah nak di sewa di cyberjaya ker? macamana nak tahu berapa harga seewa ruma itu, Saya telah pun bekeluarga. macamana saya nak dpt info dari akak. Thanks