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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

33 going to 34..soon 36..

I'm currently 33weeks going on 34weeks in a few days.
The baby is fine..moving around actively..very very actively :P.

I don't think I have to worry about that..but what worries me now is, I think this time I'm going for an early delivery..Oh no..please no!!

Coz now, I have difficulties walking after a long time sitting in front of the pc in the actually hurts down there ok..does this means that the baby is already engaged? ready to come out??

I hope its normal and I'll deliver at least by my 36th week..I really hope so!

My next appt with my gynae is 29th Jan, which will be in my 35th week. Hubby will be going to PD 23rd -25th and he'll be going to Johor 30th - 1st Feb.

I'm freaking out!! I really2 pray that I dont have to deliver while he is of the reason is that I'll be going to Hospital Putrajaya this time around. And being a gomen hospital, only husbands are allowed in the labour room..if he is not around, then who will??

uh uh..anyone has any experience in Putrajaya Hospital? Appreciate if can get some feedback :)


mamaqari said...

mcm dh sarat sgt je ni..xde ke org yg bule temankan masa husband nad xde?...take care dear

nad said...

izzahh!! x sangka lah jumpe kat blog pulak..kehkehkeh..ha tu la..mcm sarat kan? ade je org kat rumah n buleh kot mintak tlg hantar n amik kije..tapi takot lah terbesalin tgh jalan kan..kuangkuangkuang..

anak en lee said...

nad.. kalu x silap aku junior kita si syazana tu dia mmg doktor sambut baby kat hospital putrajaya tau..

dayah rauf pon kat situ, cuma aku tak berapa sure, dayah sama ngn syazana ke tak..
yg aku tau dayah tu surgeon laa..cuma hari tu syazana ada ckp dia slalu jmpe dayah..

so..baik ko trus tnya doktor sendiri(mereka) berkenaan penggunaan utk bersalin di hosp putrajaya..hehehe..

**kalu nak no fon dorang pon, aku leh bagi..nnti ckp je kalu nak eh!
** moga ko cukup bulan melahirkan adik adam..insyaAllah.. =)

blossomvanilla said...

wah...2nd baby..congrates nad..Putrajaya okla...:)