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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Adam will officially be a Dutch Lady 123 baby starting next week!

Well, this post is kinda susulan dari post :

Adam is now 100% on formula milk, alhamdulillah..
Which advise did I follow?? The option number 3

3. Slowly stop offering bf

Yes, I did it my way :P slowly..very2 slowly..started main2 in March 2010 (sbb kije kat airasiax and jauh sgt nak balik lunch utk bfeed adam, tp weekend mmg fully bfeed) and buat betul2 in October 2010 and Adam graduated breastfeeding somewhere in December 2010. Congratulations Adam!!

So here is the stages yang I practiced..nak ikut bleh, nak buat cara sendiri pun bleh..

March 2010 (Adam is 11months)
Weekdays - bf nite time only
Weekends/cuti - bf fully

October 2010 (Adam at 1year 6months)
Weekdays/Weekends - bf nite time only

early December 2010 (Adam at 1year 8months)
no bf only formula milk (fm) -anmum

all in all, we took our was about a 10mnths journey for both us baby n mom :) but finally Adam did it :D

yes, masa nak tidur he cried for bf..but I talked to him a lot..
I know he is just a baby, but I also knew that he understands..I told him that he is going to be a big brother..and his little 'adik' needs mommy's milk to grow inside mommy's tummy..and just like him when he got out, the little adik will still need mommy's milk until he grows and becomes very pandai just like Adam..

I also tell him that I love him, his Abi loves him and even little adik loves him..
And just before sleeping, I sang him zikr fatimah (which he now can follow), practised doa tidur, recite alfatihah and other surah untill he fell asleep..

He is a very good little boy, and can easily understand stuff..which means that as parents, we need to be really carefull in our sayings and doings coz he is a real copycat! :D

And about his choice of fm? First when we started on fm it was anmum..then early this month, Kak zai at work told me that her doter drinks Dutch lady 123 and that she loves them.
So I bought a packet of chocolate flavor to substitute Milo 3in1 and 1 big packet of original flavour. And guess what?? Miraculously Adam loves both!!! yeayy to Ummi's and Abi's pocket :P hehehe

So next week, no more anmum, Adam will start on Dutch Lady 123! Congrats Adam! muahs!


Azie Nazri said...

Tengah imagine kak nad's conversation with Adam. Mesti sangat comel. Of course he understands. That's why dia mengalah. He loves ummi, abi and adik too. :)

nad said...

ahahaha ..dia dah pandai cakap sikit2, so mmg comel lah dgr dia cakap balik..and kdg2 x paham ape pun..kihkihkih

CHeeSYaNa said...

Hi, just accross ur blog when i search bout bertukar from BF to FM sebab dah setahun lebih. I try a few FM tp my baby mmg totally reject. Definately will give Dutchlady a try!