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Sunday, January 23, 2011


Alhamdulillah, I got what I wished for.

Went to eat lontong at PJ then went off with hubby to fabulous mom :D
Got both the stuff mentioned in

plus this one : yeah, I dunno how long I'll bfeed adik using my Medela harmony..but rather than buying those small milk bottles, I prefer to buy these coz its cheaper!

Talking bout my Medela harmony..thinking of changing it to double mini e, but very2 expensive!
so..maybe later lah :D

And bout the bengkung modern, there were 2 salesgirls in the shop. 1 was trying to persuade me to get M or L size, another hinted that lots of customers came back to change to XL.

The first girl is saying like 'kalau ur waistline before preggy is 28-30 better u buy M size..u know..its not good if u buy big ones..early part ok la..but later u gotta come back n buy a new one coz we dont have a refund policy yada yada yada..'

The second one said 'tapi kak, ramai customer kite yg dtg balik utk beli XL..'

The bengkung covers from under my breasts to just above my thigh..and knowing the size of my backside, I dont dare to underestimate my size :p..furthermore, when I had Adam, I bought the normal bengkung (it comes with amway set) didnt fit at the backside part. We had to go and buy the herbal type but I didnt like it much coz it wasnt tight enuff..and difficult and short. It only covers the belly area..what about my backside kan?? I want that to shrink jugak :P

The second girl then kindly opened the XL bengkung and showed me that it was kinda small as well..someone else will have to help me to tarik the bengkung kuat-kuat in order to make it fit me..

So considering all those stuff I decided to buy XL :). And if later I shrink, maybe I'll donate it to my mom pulak hehe..pastu beli premium beautiful (haha kaya gila kah??? :p)

Well on another note..Hubby is going away for a week to PD this evening and next wk he'll be off to Johor, Kelantan and Terengganu..hopefully I don't pop while he is away..sigh~


peah said...

sonot kan dpt pi fabulous mom???memacam bole beli...aku pun balik kl nnt nak gi beli binder tuh...

aku simpan EBM aku dlm botol kecik...sbb anak aku nak hanta nursery...abg aku pesan, takut nursery tuh malas nak salin EBM yg dlm plastik ke dlm botol, takut derang bg anak aku formula milk plak aku invest beli 20 botol....huhu...

nape tak soh yeh ckp kat kak aizam ko dah nak due...mesti dia xhanta yeh pi outstation....

Nadiah Azharuddin said...

ha mmg best..weh, ko x ckp nak beli, kalau aku tau aku belikan utk ko sekali..tapi klu nak beli, ko bleh beli online, dia sale sampai 6/2 price dia jd RM79.92 jek.

ha tu la..botol lg economical aku saje la try nak beli plastik ni..tatau la bibik reti ke tak nak buat ape

aku dah suh dah die btau puan, tapi dia kata dia sorang je leh ngaja syariah..kan si aizat ngan amri dah brenti..huhu

mamaqari said...

nad best sgt ke lontong kt pj tu? pg td pn ada kuar kt tv3 tmpt tu..

Nadiah Azharuddin said...

izzah, lontong tu wujud sejak my parents becinta lagi..and dari dulu rasa dia x berubah, mmg best gile!! masa masuk tv tu, sebenanye kitorang tgh beratur nak beli lontong tu la..wakakaka..

Azie Nazri said...



nad said...

azie..jeles part mana? part pegnen ke?
wihihihi..ur time will come soon..dah dekat kot?? :P

Azie Nazri said...

lambat lagiiii. (tapi tolongla doa boleh cepat. aaaa maluuuuu.)

nad said...

ahahaha azie..ok, aminnnnnn!! azie good and pretty girl, mesti dapat a good and handsome man jugak insyallah..aminnn