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Friday, January 21, 2011

ChurpChurp - Nuffnang

I know..maybe I'm outdated haha..but don't care, today I want 2 talk about this bird..

There's this cute li'l bird I've been looking at for the past months in Nuffnang, but never had the urge to do anything about it.
However, today..I suddenly felt sick of my job in the office (maybe its due to the hormones..yaaa..salahkan hormon!! wakaka) I did some bloghopping and hopped into nuffnang.

Magically, my hormones says 'Go on!! Click the bird!!' so I did..and I registered..and linked it with nuffnang :P (rajin taaak? haha)

So this is the bird I'm babbling abt:

Its a way to earn more!
There are a couple of campaigns which u can share and can earn RM0.20 per clicks. You can share the topics via a couple of ways (tweet/fb/ym etc).

And since I'm in the office, I can't share via FB (my PC and only PC is dengki kan??)
I decided to blog about it :)

So come the advert, make use of the 'churpchurp!!'

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