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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Good Luck to me!

I wish I'm selected..and I wish mom would let me go if I get selected since I'm in pantang mode..

My face is really dull and hubby dah bising suruh beli whitening cleanser or bedak sikit bagi nampak muka cerah sket that sort of thing..but can't find the right product and dont have the budget to buy benda mahal2 sgt..The only makeup mahal I have is of Dior which is my Diorglow..
kalau Lancome punye foundation ni suits me kompem I beli terus..xpe la kalau 1-2 benda je yg mahal kan? cannot la the whole set..anak aku nak makan ape karang?? hehe

So since Lancome via nuffnang ade buat workshop ni :

aku pun masukkan la details kot2 bertuah dpt gi kan?
hmm..korang doakan la ye..aminn (wpun mcm dah lambat je xpela..doa je laa)

ye la..tau..true beauty comes from within kan? haha mcm reality show 'True Beauty' lak..wekk..nyampah tgk citer tuh!

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