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Friday, March 04, 2011

My Adam n Erfaan

Adam is the 'Abang'.
Born at Azzahrah Bangi on Tuesday, 14th April 2009 at 6.08pm
Weight : 2.1kg
37 weeks - Induced, took epidural (normal)

Erfaan is the 'Adik'
Born at Putrajaya Hospital on Tuesday, 15th February 2011 at 7.49am
Weight: 2.58kg
37 weeks - Perfectly normal

Both of them was hit with Jaundice during the first few days of birth. Adam's lasted for abt 2 weeks but was no need to be admitted.

Erfaan? Admitted at Azzahrah for 24hrs. Doctor Nazim and the nurses kept a close eye on him and alhamdulillah was discharged the next day. But today is the 18th day, his Jaundice is still there but reduced :)

The nurse from Klinik Kesihatan had a look at him yesterday and confirmed that his Jaundice has reduced. She also said that mommies with blood type O or B, usually their babies needs a longer period to heal..

My stitches have still not healed properly..the nurse had a look at it yesterday, she said that the stitches were fine..most are getting ready to dissolve/remove itself.

The reason why I sometimes felt pain was because at the end part (near rectum) where they tie the knot, it somehow points and hits my flesh. She said not to worry as that too will eventually remove itself :)

Tips to keep your stitches safe n sound?
1. Make sure that the area is always clean and dry, moisture attracts infections
2. Change pads every time peeing/ 3-4hrs once
3. Spray the area with 'air asam + garam'. (I put a tablespoon of salt with 1 cup hot water to let the salt dilute, then add asam keping. Once cool, I put it into the spray thingy and can start spraying as much as my heart desires worries, x pedih pun)
3. Drop a bit of Minyak Herbanika (Nona Roguy) on to ur pad

But as the nurse said lah..some people 1 week pun dah baik..some others lambat sket..healing process tu bergantung pada individu.

I pray for Erfaan's jaundice to be gone and for me to not feel anymore pain due to those stitches :( I hate stitches..

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