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Friday, March 04, 2011

Erfaan and Adam

I have 2 boys :)

I never ever tot that I'll have 2 boys haha..and I once tot that I'll never be lucky enuff to get married :P

I went tru a phase of life where I so malas to go out of the hse..and there was also a point where I was so scared of boys..
Once I made a mistake, I went out of MMU Melaka's library just when the boys finished their Solat Jumaat. I freaked out! I felt that I was surrounded by maggots :P

U wanna see maggots? here they are:

But then the hormones got the best of me..or a better way to put it..I finally opened up to boys, dated my hubby for a bit, got engaged, got married, and get these 2 little monsters hehe...

What is my point? I dunno..hahahahaha

Just to share that mid April we may do a bit of kenduri..just to celebrate Adam's birthday and Erfaan's Aqiqah..

I'm planning to do doorgifts..but no idea or dunno where to start..
if any of my dear readers have any ideas on the doorgifts..please share :D thanks

hmm geram nyee...xleh nak tempek pic adam n erfaan..stress


Azie Nazri said...

Thank you for the maggots photo. Hahaha.

InsyaAllah your sacrifice of bringing Adam and Erfaan to this world would be so worth it. I mean, look at that photo. Too cute!
Send hugs and kisses to both boys! <3

nad said...

ahahaha best kan gamba ni? :P
erfaan ngan adam kate mmuaaaahh kat maklang azie :D