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Thursday, March 18, 2010

sea and sky

do you here me
I'm talking to you
across the water
across the deep blue ocean
under the open sky...

the sky

flew here by berjaya air yesterday morning. went to subang airport@subang skypark after subuh, then flew off at 7.50am.

its adam's first fly :), he is very2 fortunate, his parents is also very2 fortunate coz the whole trip is being sponsored by their parents :D. alhamdulillah.

the seas

very beautiful. very2 clear aquamarine.
the waves are quite strong. while wondering why is it that other beaches we went to, the waves were not this strong..we got the answer from one of the hotels staff. Its usually not this only started last week.

shd i be worried?
but the waves were such a was.

the sand was the white, soft kind. when we pull off adam's shoes he didnt complaint. In fact he loved it!

went for a 2 hrs boat ride on the open seas today.
the water was rough..very2 rough.
but overall, masyaAllah..

It's magical.

If u have a bit of money, save a bit.
No langkawi or pantai cahaya bulan or wherever..come here.

It's truely magical :).
Very suitable for honeymoon hehe.

Oh..and berjaya hotel n resort?? stay here, pls do. It may be a tad bit expensive..but it'd be worth every penny ;).


Nadiah Azharuddin said...

oh lupe
yesterday adam walked for his first time..

today i dreamt he was already running :P haha

iEfa said...

bestnyerrr nadd...nk coti gakkkk....huhuh

jwb nyer kene slalu bawak adam bercoti...hihihih bru dier cepat belari plak :D

IbuQisya said...


redang mmg sgt best utk honeymoon.. hihi.. teringat zaman dolu2 lak.. huhu...

adam dah pandai jalan??? wahh!!! bestnyer!! suh adam ajar qisya jalan lak eh.. hehe...

Twiggy said...

Redang eh?!? we'll be going there in June!! Insya Allah! Can't wait!

nad said...

pipah: mmg becuti redang gih..worth it! haha itula..kene slalu gi cutila tu nampaknye..hehehe :P

hawa: eh ko dulu redang ek? bkn perhentian ek? haha..adam dah xmo jalan..sbb jatuh haritu :P

raja: bestnye!! nak ikutt