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Monday, June 09, 2008

New Me? Naah..just sleepless ramblings..

Alhamdulillah, its been awhile since i changed my blogskins. The most previous was just customizing the classic blogger design..(malas sungguh)

But since we managed to get the internet working again, me and hubby searched high and low for new blogger skins. We went to but we end up frustrated. Why? Well, we just couldn't figure why they are now making smaller space to write and leaving so much empty space, or to say, useless space. Then we searched again and actually found a couple more interesting skins for blogger on other sites..(i almost made up my mind to move from blogger to wordpress). But there was a problem..the codes for the nice ones were xml, not html. I had a hard time try and error thingy getting my blog pretty..huhu..

Luckily I found a website, a really helpful one. So if anyone wanted to change to any XML skins, pls go to this site yeah?

Noticed the 'new blogs updated' widget? They seemed to be working fine, but it seems that blogger and blogdrive just dont get along :P ..sorry shy, aku x dapat add ko kat situ..but u know i always always always stalk your blog :p hehe

And clever me did a clever thing by not saving my previous i've lost every friends' blog links that i've already added previously. The ones that I've added are the lucky ones which I've memorized or managed to searched from the blogs which I've memorized. Does this sentence make sense?? hehehe I just totally fail at writing :P
So, if any of you guys happen to read this entry, please let me know your blog url so i can add them in my list okie? Thank you..muaxx!

Next project will be searching and contrsucting hubby's new blog skin! Anyone knows of any websites with nice xml blogger skins??

Last night we watched Full House (korean)..cerita dah lama baru nak tengok kan? Reason is that when it was famous I didn't watch it coz simply 'macam x minat je'..hehe then towards the last series I watched a bit and fell in love but did not have time to download the series. And same goes for i guess its just fate right?? So we can watch it together-gether :P hehe

Then we watched P.S I Love U. Well, the storyline didn't quite well follow the novel..but I guess for me its still ok lah.
And I actually cried watching not one, but some of the scenes, and got laughed at by hubby. Asked him ' Tak sedih ke??' He just sengih and shook his head :P

Well...I guess that I'm getting more and more passionate through the years..I used to not cry when I see people cry, but now..its different :)
I don't think that I'm proud of it though..but not embarrassed by it either. hehe


Just remembered that Kak Opin tagged me a few days ago.
Sorry Kak Opin, just got around to do it now as was stuck searching for new skins, plus the internet line that goes on and off :D

I been tag by Kak Opin.

The Rules:
1. Write your own six word memoir
2. Post it on your blog and include a visual illustration if you’d like
3. Link to the person that tagged you in your post
4. Tag six more blogs with links
5. And don’t forget to leave a comment on the tagged blogs with an invitation to play!

Mine is :

My Way of Life is Islam


1) Nurul Syahida
2) Munn (update! update!)
3) Tim (aa ni aku bagi idea dah nak tulih ape ni hehe)
4) Abang
5) Pa'ah
6) Mieza

Kak Opin, Thanks so much for the prayers and for your effort in asking readers to say the prayers too. We really2 appreciate it lots!!!
Mekaceh :D

I'm blessed for very2 loving husband and inlaws kan? :D Alahamdulillah..
Oh, and if anyone is interested to learn new cooking recipes, pls enter her blog.
The food looks waaay delicious, and I truly mean it!


Hamizah said...

waaa u lupe my blog url hehehee..

its la hehee

ummi said...

Nad, terima kasih..senang la ni sebab dah ada internet..lepas ni kalau nad masak bolehlah masuk gambar..kalau pi al bait tu tangkaplah gambar ayam dia..oii..bestnya..dapat tengok gambar pum jadilah...

Cik AnGaH said...

awat bile ko online YM, aku menegur ko..ko tidak menegur ku semula?
adakah ape2 kesilapan yg berlaku antara tenet mu dan tenet ku?
sile perjelasi pdku ya!

LonTugi said...

hi nadiah...

crumbsofme said...

kak nad,

i agree. beza kan? dalam novel, they didnt fight that much kan? but the movie was ok gak laaa. still sweet. and suka dgr dia punya hubby(cant remember his name) saying "i love u" with his irish slang. hehe.

cumell la this new skin! i like pink! ;) n memang tak munasabah kan themes yg buat ruang kecik2 sedangkan luas lagi boleh guna. haih. (referring to my theme).

nad said...

mieza: hehe sorry!! panjang sgt la url, jenuh nak ingat :P (alasan semate)

kak Opin: hehehe okeh, nanti nad letak pic masakan pua nad :D al bait tu nad x penah pegi lagi, tapi tadi yeh kata nanti die bawak pegi :D

angah: ala aku tatau la angah, internet aku ni x betul sgt lagi..tapi tadi aku bangun tido x dpt pun offline msg ko..sorikk

ignita: okeh will add!

azie: tu la, macam rase jatuh cinte ngan irish man plak kan? wakaka..ooppss :D