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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Buzy bee me

Ok, first and foremost :

The picture in the previous entry (roach's egg) is not taken by me or at my house :P.
I got that from one of the forwarded emails i received somewhere last inbox was at 11k, so i did a bit of housekeeping till i came across this email.
I've never seen this myself, so that's the reason i put it up..apart form not having any ideas to write in my blog hehehe :D
Glad got that clarified.


I've been buzying (such a word?) meself getting ready for the launch of 'Nadely'. Nadely is team of 2, consists of only me and hubby. Our baby projects are quite a number..and one of them is selling our own sugar coated and spicy kerepek around egypt (malay/indon restaurants).

Tiring? yes, but I feel good. Why? I dont know, I always feel this when I'm involved in the selling/creating part.
The buying part? Yeah, I feel good too at times (who doesn't love shopping??)..but it's just not the same kinda feeling u know? Oh well..those who has experience in selling things or doing business would understand, as I'm soo not good with words :P.

In the past few days me and hubby have been going around surveying price of the things involved so to limit the costs .. if only we can eliminate them yeah? :D

So the whole nite last nite I've been buzy with my kerepek, but only the frying stage. After writing this I'll continue frying, then I'll start my packaging stage.

How nice..a job I can do without being a robot need to get up so early, or to be evaluated against goals set up by anybody ..I wonder if this can lasts till forever?

I wonder how
I wonder why
Yesterday you told me 'bout the blue blue sky
And all that I can see is just a yellow lemon-tree
I'm turning my head up and down
I'm turning turning turning turning turning around
And all that I can see is just another lemon-tree
(nyanyi jap, iklan)
p/s: lagu takde kena mengena dengan apa2 yang bernyawa ataupun tidak, harap maklum

I actually like to play the tagging game, please anyone, tag me and I'll do it.
My ideas are scarce at the moment, but I still wanna a tag will be such a big help, although I don't promise doing each and every tag la kan :P
But I'm actually making a note to myself not to ever tag anyone again as it may be upsetting to some people.

Anyways, 8th July will be Hubby's birthday. And it'll be his first birthday which I get to be by his side :D. Since we've met I've never given him a birthday present, how unromantic kan? :P well I did try sending a parcel once; consisting a parker pen with his name carved on it. That time he was still in Pakistan and the parcel never did reached him hehe, kesian dia.

So this year, I'm thinking of doing something special and if possible, getting him something good..Any ideas??

Owh, and he wants this:

Anyone knows how much it costs, and are they already selling in Egypt? If it's already selling, anyone knows where?

Haha banyak plak soalan aku ni..

Sekian, Terima Kasih.
Forever True


shai said...

aha, tula. aku pon dah malas nak tag org. cam, kalau nak wat watla, tanak wat sudah... ini membebel lak kat aku dulu knape tag die... tu yg aku stop tagging org tuh. hmmmmm

tappe, lenkali aku pakse ko wat tag banyak2.

nad said...

ha pakse slagi ko bleh pakse..aku tengah suke wat tag ni :P tatau dah nak tulih mende

mieza said...

uuuh i know how it feels to have that good feeling after selling and buying haha..

ni pon ada request utk i put up my kerepek story online..

tp kalo ada story tp tade gambo tak bes gak kan..hehe..nanti org tak drooling (marketing ni muahaha)

ummi said...

nad..cakap kat yeh..ada bini takkan nak main tu lagi kot!!!

Anyway..good luck Cuba cari ubi kayu pulak..kalau ada orang jual borong lebih baik..

Wokr buat jual ni..sebab kita jadi kita punya own boss!!!

nad said...

miza: betul betul betul :D

kak opin: tu la kak opin, tapi die sangat seronok tengok iklan bende ni hehe..lagipunkan, nad rasa bende ni jual kat japan je kot?:P

haa..pasni nak cari ubi kayu kot2 ada..2-3 harini baru nak hanta sample, doakan kami! hehe :D

kak opin jadi x nak wat bisnes kerepek tu gak?

Azie Nazri said...

ohh, dah jadi bisnes ke?
moga ALLAH murahkan rezki and goodluck! :)