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Thursday, October 02, 2008


Yesterday was my first time celebrating raya in egypt. Although I only received guests and not going anywhere..I still feel happy :D.

The rendang I made got excellent reviews from friends Alhamdulillah..and after the last guests left our house..all the kuah kacang and rendang is already finished! :D
(sorry tak sempat tangkap gambar of the food)
But we still have some nasi impit left..any ideas on what to do with them??
I was thinking to buat nasi impit goreng..or soto..any other ideas?

Hmm..and tmrw we're gonna have more guests coming. They speshly asked for the nasi briyani that they had last time they ape lagi, tonight kene beli barang lagi la heheh :P.

And for dessert esok macam nak buat strawberry, mango and pineapple jelly ni kat rumah. Sape reti buat agar2 yang lapis2 tu? Teringin pulak yang buat yang tu..tapi takut tak jadi hik hik..

*embarassing ok kalau tak jadi :P*

Morning sickness macam dah subside..
But u know what? On the last day of puasa I managed to cook the rendang for raya and for bukak puasa that day..which means no more morning sickness. I can even potong daging without vomiting!

But cooking rendang means, I have to wait till the meat gets lembut, till the rendang gets darker, till the gravy dries while putting in on slow fire. Which means, I didn't sleep the whole night coz I want the rendang to reach a certain taste which I love.

Everything was ok and perfect untill after Subuh prayers.
Suddenly I thought the rendang smelt too strong, and I hated the smell of nasi impit.

Oh, morning sickness came back rupenye.

I asked abang if I can rest at home while he goes Solat Hari Raya (sedih woo tak dapat experience), he said no problem.
So when he left the house with friends, I was really2 nauseated and got really2 bad headaches, and later got some sleep for like 30minutes. But when I wake up, I was really2 I end up celebrating hari raya on the bed while hubby attends to his friends that comes to visit.
Kesian dia..
but nasib baik everything is ready, tinggal orang nak makan je. :D

But last night, after semua orang dah balik..I found that my morning sickness is totally gone!
I can eat everything without feeling nausea or sick!
Alhamdulillah.. :)

So tonight..I plan to make some satay!! Yey :D (with the hope of no more morning sickness la of course..aminn)

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