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Thursday, October 16, 2008

At rained in Tanta :D

It rained since morning.
Looked out the door..the scene was wonderful, the smell of rain was sooo so beautiful.

Went inside, watched some movies while Abang continue his sleep.
Then suddenly the internet disconnected and a few minutes electricity.
So left with no other choice, I climbed on the bed..tried to sleep while listening to the sound of raindrops.

After Isyak, me and hubby set out to meet the lady at the travel agent.
Turns out that people dare not go out that night.
The roads were filled with water..and oh biaselah egypt takde longkang2 ni as it rarely rains, so we saw some people pumping water out of the flooded roads.
The weather was also soo cold suggesting early winter arrival.

So..all the shops closed early, including the travel agent :D.
We decided not to head home yet but instead walked around the town of Tanta, which seems asleep that night. Less people on the streets..less cars..wonderful!

Then due to the cold weather we got hungry and went to eat kushry (macaroni, egyption style) for dinner. Got a seat by the window..oh so romantic.. kui kui

After dinner, as we were just about to set home..we came across the shop selling ice cream!!
So ape lagi, grab the ice cream and sat on one of the benches, eating ice cream together like some teenage couple in love..hik hik (gelak gedik)

(There were a few malay guys (ustaz lah) watching us..I wonder if it is one of them who didn't know that we are married and simply said that we sukehati deting 2 orang pegang2 tangan hahah :P)

best tak?
Wuu...bukan selalu tau hujan kat mesir nii...skali ujan rase mcm bestnyee bestnyeee!! :D


mieza said...

kat msia ni everyday ujan! dgn ribut petir sume..eee scary

ﺇﺭﻣﺎﻳﻨﺘﻲ ﺇﺳﻤﺎﻋﻴﻞ said...

wooo.. hujan mmg bess.. nape ko x amek gmba ujan dr tingkap? mesti lg bes.. hehe..

nad said...

mieza: i luv the rain :D

ema: sbb rumah aku xde tingkap haha

ciPuding_7 said...

kt mesia hari2 ujan skrg..
asal nak blk keje je ujan. lebat plak tu. dah la lebat, federal highway jem. dah jem, smpai umah lmbt. dah lambat, lapar plak..

tp aku suka ujan. sbb bila tgh jem, aku bleh main sms.. hehe..


nad said...

pa'ah sapekah gerangan yg menerima sms mu itu wahai cik pa'ah? :P
romantik woo sms tengah2 ujannn..hik hik

nad yg kata said...

aku pun suka main hujan sebab makan kepsi tengah hujan sodaaaap!

tambahan kalau paah belanja, laaaaaagi sodappp!

RozIlah Kamarudin ImOlie said...

tulah nad mintak hujan kat tanta... dapat hujan... "smiles"