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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Good Feelings

I've just read a post about pregnancy and sleepless nights.
Oh yes..lately it's just so hard for me to fall asleep. And if I didn't get enuff sleep or, if I slept later than I morning sickness will definitely kicks in!

So, in the article it says that while trying to sleep I should only think of beautiful things.

And last night, we went in youtube and listened to Surah Al-Rahman by Shaikh Sudais.
It's a very beautiful recitation..very soothing and very easy to follow, verse by verse.
I was nearly asleep when suddenly, the internet dies. It really did got disconnected by a force of I don't know what.

So then, I was forced to sleep on my own..and I thought..let me think of some beautiful feelings I've felt these few years.
Let me jot some down..these really gets me smiling :)

(not in any particular order)

1. I Graduated in August 2005. I never thought I could do it so marks through out secondary school was so thumbs down. But I guess being in University and away from home gave me some freedom to study. I feel like a grown up with nobody pressuring me study to get good grades hehe, It's just me challenging myself and it's just me being trusted as who I am ;).

2. You know that once in a while some people will just purposely makes you mad? or sometimes they just don't realise that they are so damn annoying?? And you wished that you could just scream your head off to him/her but then realised that you are a lady and it's not appropriate for you to behave in that way to any person??
What will you do? I talk it out..but no, not ever with the person..but with my bestfriends aka mun, tim, shy, hawa, hajar, siti and all them friends.
And instead of being angry, suddenly you thought that the situation is actually kinda funny..and instead you scream your head off, you just laugh, and laugh and laugh like there's no tomorrow :D.
Ok, this may seem like 'mengumpat' to some of you..but believe me..its one of the bestest remedies around (if you have the coolest of friends :P).

3. Being engaged to Yeh.
Even though he was still in Egypt, it was still ok. Buat ape ade teknologi kalau tak gune kan? hehe..and as he wakes up later that evening (morning in egypt), I received 1sms saying 'Assalamualaikum :). Hari ni Yeh bangun, yeh dah jadi tunang nad. Thank u :D'
That sms really2 meant a lot to me.
And for know who you are wahahaha..Tahniahhh!! Congratulations for being engaged! :D

4. Being Married.
The precious feelings of all.
Try getting married, you'll understand. ;)

5. Being called Makngah/Aunty Kaknad
hahah..mak ngah is new to me..but aunty kaknad?? hahaha..I'll remember this nickname till I die :P.
It started when I first met Yeh's mom, and sis (Safiyah) with her li'l daughter Maisarah prior being engaged.
Safiyah introduced me as Aunty, while I kinda freaked and said ' hehe kaknad je lah'. So this li'l maita'ah being li'l maita'ah..she listens to every word adults around her says..and later called me 'Aunty Kak Nad'. And last I heard, she is still calling me this. haha..cute eh? :P
The others (Seif, Sumrah, Syameem and Sabeera), they call me makngah..which I found so sweet..missed them a lot!
(As for Suhail and the other one coming..I have no idea what I'll be called hehe)

6. Being pregnant, and realise 'I cannot fit into my baju kurung anymore!!'.
I'm fat?? no I'm not..I'm pregnant :D hehe good excuse eh?

owh...there's a lot more..

but this has got me smiling really2 wide..
And I just want the smile to stay that way..

I'll write more later, dengan ucapan 'Rain Rain Go away, Come again another Day'.
>>ade kene mengena ke? :P


shai said...

aku nak try la, "Getting married" ttu... ahahaha

nad said...

hahah try jangan tak try :P

shy, sori tadi..internet bengong..xleh nak reply.

ko dah sehat??

RozIlah Kamarudin ImOlie said...

eh eh.. mana ada ujan kat tanta??

akak yg should nyanyi rain rain go away...

tak leh tido cuba ngaji.. bagus...

aula said...

nak try! nak try semua! eehehehhe