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Sunday, October 19, 2008

A day in Mansurah

Day & Date: Friday, 17th October 2008
Location: Mansurah, Egypt

Time we left Tanta: 1030hrs
Time reached Mansurah: 1200hrs
Time we left Mansurah: 1730hrs
Time reached home in Tanta: 2000hrs

Purpose: Meet up with moi Cousin, Hanan Amirah (Hawa's li'l sis)
Agenda: First we went to HSBC to wihtdraw the money that Maklong has put in for Hanan. Then we brought Hanan makan2 at Mo'men (read:mukmin), an Egyptian restaurant. Best!
I ate my Green Salad, Abang and Hanan got their Buritos while Firdaus (abang's friend) ate his large Chicken Magnum!

Me and Hanan outside the restaurant..the taxi was waiting while we took our pictures :P

Then we were introduced to this drink that Hanan was enjoying. It is called: Asir Boreo!
Asir Boreo is Oreo blended with choc and vanilla ice cream, topped with Oreo and some more ice cream. The best part is, its only 3 Egyptian Pounds..which after converting to RM will only be RM2!
Plus , it's delicious!!

Then we went back to Hanan's place to Solat and freshen up, get our Goodie bag prepared by Mama, Abah, Anisah and Bibik andd head hooome sweet hoome..

This is our Goodie Bag contents :P.
Filled with 2large boxes of Anmum, Asam, beef serunding, dodol, kicap manis cap kipas udang (dah nak setahun tak makan kicap ni) and the rest in the picture.
The only thing not in the picture is the 1/2kilo of cili padi.
The cili padi was wrapped in plastic, which was a big mistake..all of them turn into cili padi blended inside the plastic and the smell was..horrid! :P
SO..there goes my cili padi but nasib baik got Famous Amos "Choc Chip and Pecans" cheering us up hehehe.
And plus, Anmum Chocolate is delicious!! Sile la try okehhhs

All in all, the day spent was fun although tiring.
Hope we can see Hanan again before we balik Malaysia..if only she lives a few minutes from our place :D.

p/s: Hawa, Along or whoever is reading, Hanan kirim salam to all..and don't worry, she is very happy and healthy ;)


ummi said...

awww...ada kicap manis!!!!!

Nad..kak opin miss mukmin la....cakap kay yeh..suruh pi cari macamana nak bukak cawangan mukmin kat malaysia. tengok website dia!

Azie Nazri said...

"Asir Boreo is Oreo blended with choc and vanilla ice cream, topped with Oreo and some more ice cream."

*droooling baaadly*

hawaliyanahashim said...

wah..wah..wah.. syoknyer korang jalan2 eh.. makan asir boreo x ajak.. :p

RozIlah Kamarudin ImOlie said...

nad, hanan tu study medicine kat mansourah ke? which uni?

shah yang hebat said...

satay kajang ada ke situ???... hanan situ ada port tarian gelek tak? (ops kak teh terbaca)