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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

8days to the end of Ramadhan 2008

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Alhamdulillah, Thank U Allah.
I've been given a very big and meaningful present on the day before 1st Ramadhan..and guiltily admitting that me and hubby have actually kept the good news to ourselves.


And now..drumroll please!! I'm spreading this joy around :D

I'm about 8weeks pregnant, and so far, the scans, the blood and urine works has given us very very good results Alhamdulillah. Good results means reassurance speshly to me and hubby, that everything is going to be ok Insyaallah.

And with this, it also means that me and hubby would be celebrating Eid by ourselves..and not going back to celebrate it with the students in Kaherah.
We'll be missing everyone -sisters/brothers- in Rumah Perlis. But we also know that even without us, u guys are gonna have so much fun anyway :D.
Sorry for not being able to accept the job doing all the's just that Kaherah is too far for us to travel..too far for a pregnant lady to be riding a van/train all the way..hope our acts are not misunderstood :).
But as I said earlier, we'll miss everyone, everyone and everyone..and the food ofcoz!!

Talking about food..
Since we are gonna be spending Eid by ourselves, me and hubby would be buzy!
Hahaha..jangan ingat celebrate 2 orang akan jadi tak best ok!! We'll make it fun :D
We're planning to buat some satay! Since we don't have the BBQ set, we'll just gonna goreng the satay haha (nasib baik the instant rempah gives us instruction for the goreng version).
Then we're gonna make nasi impit, rendang..and maybe laksa or lontong?

haha ambitious gile :p.
Its just a plan, but we'll see what we can do..we'll seee :D

So for this remaining Ramadhan, me and hubby will keep on going to Maidah Rahman (bukak puasa kat masjid). Mainly because I can't cook..I hate the smell, kesian hubby nak kene masak, we want to taste Arab food, and plus to solat maghrib secare berjemaah with friends :D.
Its a very good deal ok..the food is nice although menu is kinda limited. We get delicious fish, beef and ayam panggang alternate days with some dessert or air kotak..for free la kan, kate buke kat masjid heh. Syok tau!

hmm..Abang's result will be out anytime soon.
We're praying very hard for him to ecxell..please pray for him too ok? :)
Thank you.

p/s: Thanks shila for announcing yours..I got the courage from there :)


mizmi said...

yarhamukillah.. congrats nad.. i can feel it at a glance.the ym status.surely a huge thank you.aku terfikir pregnant kot.. tumpang hepi deh to both of u.waaaaaa nad rindu nih.tke a gud care of urself n the baby k..

lee's daughter said...

semoga ko akan sentiasa sihat n jage elok2 tau..
pesan kat en yeh ko: jgn bg ko wat ape2..sile hanya berehat2 saje..

ﺇﺭﻣﺎﻳﻨﺘﻲ ﺇﺳﻤﺎﻋﻴﻞ said...

taniah nad. jg diri.

Diey Manchester said...

Salam wbt

BarakAllahu feeq! Mabruk kak nad n ust yeh. May this Ramadhan n the existence of the embrio light up ur life and get u both closer to Him. insyaAllah~

Take a gd care of both of u sis!

mieza said...

hehehe gue dah agak lama dun wanna push the button for u to say it out loud a.s.a.p hehe

dis time round jaga diri bebaik yee...

nad said...

mimi: thanks..misyu2 lah mimi :(

angah: heh..thanks. yeh seorang somi yang baik lagi soleh :D

ema: thanks

diey: insyaallah, thanks diey :D

mieza: heh thanks. last time around pun i jaga bebaik jugak, and this time around pun i will surely do. ;)

Lina said...

nad!! alhamdulilah..
congrats! if leh bg coklat dh lama aku bg! its great news meh..! pape pun plx take extra care of ur self n the baby!

nad said...

lina thanks!! lame x dgr berita ko lina..
takpe nnti aku balik aku claim coklet tu wahahahaha

Anonymous said...

congrats nad.... tunggu jugak ko nak announce bile..... hope sume ok..... kuat kuat! jgn jadik mcm aku...lembik jek dah 5 months muntah strettttt jek.

nad said...

Thanks!! Aku doa kite same2 ok ek? :D

aku nak add blog ko dlm list aku weh..bleh ke?