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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ginger & Cinnamon Tea

Whilst others are busy with Raya preparations, I was kinda busy searching for solutions to ease away my morning sickness. I found that some people recommended ginger tea, and Indians uses ginger, cinnamon and some other herbs to help with morning sickness.

So just now, me and hubby went shopping for Raya preparation. And while doing that, I found my ginger & cinnamon tea! :D

Sampai je rumah, I teared open the packet just to see and smell the sachets inside..and was so delighted that the tea smells like cinnabon!! hehe I love love love the smell of cinnabon.
But hubby didn't like it though..he can only tollerate cinnamon in cookings :P.

And tonight, after cleaning the fridge and vomitting a few times..I decided to taste my newly bought tea. Well so far, so good..I'll update later on how the tea goes with my morning sickness..and if any of you has any other inputs regarding this tea..pls pls pls leave me a comment or message through my ym okie? Thanks.

Hmm..speaking of Raya..UK will be celebrating Eid tomorrow!! Yes, its a surprise for the UK people as well.
So for Kak Opin, Abg Jamal, Sabeera, Syameem, Sumrah and Seif..Happy Hari raya ok?
Kalau Kak Opin buat lemang tu pos la kat kami sama..haha :P
And for Faimee Chan, Naqi, Diey and Mai..Happy Hari Raya to all of u as well..jangan lupe ek kitorang kat mesir ni :D.

I think my mom and the whole family dah siap pegi minum kopi la kat Kedah tu. Knowing my father punye driving of course la they will arrive early..and safe insyaallah.
Seronoknye Raya ramai2 diorang tu..mesti ade karaoke session, BBQ session, Padang Besar session, Perlis Session and also mandi air terjun session..uu jeles jeles.

Tapi's actually pretty exciting to celebrate Raya for the first time with a husband around :p. As Kak Opin puts it ' bila lagi nak raya berdua kan' hik hik..
So tadi we bought beef and hati untuk rendang. I even consulted Kak Opin on the nasi impit with beras arab recipe and hope to do it really2 well hehe. And maybe just maybe(kalau aku larat la) we'll buy ayam esok and buat kuah soto to eat with the nasi impit.

Sounds like a good plan eh? Hopefully so..

But so sad with the fact that we'll miss the satay at Rumah Perlis Fisrt day of Raya!!
Nak Satay!!
Pos la kat kitorang cikittt..
hik hik :P


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