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Tuesday, September 09, 2008


I succeed in something today.

The truth is, I rarely do.

What more can a wife ask for, then seeing her husband finishes a plate full of 'kuih keria' by himself and eating his Mee Bandung very fast but very quietly.

When he-my husband eats silently but at a full speed, it means just one thing : He thinks it's delicious!

Ok, the mee bandung was easy peasy lemon squeezy. Had chicken, had onions, then I just threw in the Perencah Mee Bandung Adami. Diced some capsicum, kacang panjang, tomatoes and onions as ulam. Boiled eggs. And there u have it!
But the kuih keria, yes it was my absolute own. The best thing was this time, I managed to shape them nicely into shapes of 'tayar' :D.
See how proud I am of myself? uuu..haha

I'm not here to boast, in fact, I was actually known as someone who don't know how to cook (at school, MMU and at a room i rented in 2006) :D.
How humiliating is that?

Back then, I only knew a few recipes. Heck, I even only learnt to goreng telur after graduating from MMU!!
Yupp..plain humiliation to self.

Then I met Yeh.
No, he never asked me to cook for him while we were only dating.
But somehow, I cought a glimpse of our future..together..uuh..cheesyy

So, that's when I started learning. At first it only seems like the impossible.
I try finding easy recipes, bought my first buku resepi bergambar at MPH with Tim hehe.

My first try was : Cheese Cake! Which my cheese cake lover brother loves soo much.
He even asked me once ' Kakyah, macam mane kakyah bleh wat cheesecake sedap camni?'
Owh..a question sooo flattering :P.
I wonder how he does with girls..hmm :D

Anyway, then after that I moved on to harder ones like fruit cakes, muffins, gulai, nasi tomato and the rests.
Alhamdulillah before flying off Egypt, I had some recipes memorized.

Ahh ...I suddenly remembered how I managed to blew up my Brahim's Rendang while heating it in a microwave whilst on honeymoon. Lucky Yeh was not in the house to witness my lack of IQ using the microwave haha.

Uhm well, now married for like 8 months? And having to cook almost is one of the days I felt I succeed ..hmm smiling smiling all the wayyy..(don't burst my bubble ok)

I have no pictures of my own cooking to put up coz of this lousy internet connection.
Well, maybe after Ramadhan...or just before it ends.
Who knows? Who knows the internet might behave tonight? Or even tomorrow? Should I hope? Should I?

End of story

Tomorrow Yeh is taking another exam, his final paper InsyaAllah.
Tonight..he is going crazy over books and notes. He just said it 'Abang dah Gilaa! BlaBlaBla' dengan mata terbeliak n senyum sorang2 :p.

Semoga dapat jawab pekse elok2 esok, dan najah dengan cemerlang! Aaamiiinnnnnnn.
hehe I know u can..Just Do It! Bak kate sapetah.



lee's daughter said...

aku sangat kagum sebab ko mmg dah terel masak..
aku ingat lagik masa skolah dulu, ko ckp ko mmg tak reti masak..huhuuhu..(alamak,kantoi plak!)
tapi,skang ko mebi boleh menjadi sorang 'chef'!!!
huuuu..aku sgt teringin nak rase ko pnye cheese cake tu..sebab aku sgt suke cheese cake memandangkan aku x suke cokolat!
TAHNIAH buat ko nad! nnti balik mesia, leh aku dtg umah ko rase mskn hasil air tgn ko!!! =)
** aku dah email kat ko..
btol x email ni:norll_uiks@yahoo ngn nadiah_az@yahoo?

mieza said...

ehehe i am so in the same boat as u rite now..not that aku skang ni pandai masak but at least seru tu dah dtg :)

nad said...

angah: takde la pandai sangat, stakat masak utk berdua bleh aa haha. angah, aku dah balas emel ko. sori tau.

miza: yey..bile seru dah dtg baru best blaja masak kan? hehe :D

Azie Nazri said...

mee bandung adami!
sangat sedap.
salu suh mama buat.
(patut dah blaja buat sniri kan. hmmm)

so ur not an early trained cook either, huh?
but now it seems like you can open up ur own bakery.
so tak terlambat la kalau nak start menjinak-jinakkan diri dengan memasak now rite?

semangatla pasni nak blajar masak.
start with making nasik goreng.
wish me luck! ;)

n best of luck to abang yeh!
sweet la u guys. :)

nad said...

azie: ahahaha sedapkan azie? blaja la..senang gile :P
me? cooking? dulu kecik2 mak suh blaja kaknad interest :D

but if u wanna learn now pun boleh, sangat sempat ok ..and u know what? abgyeh yang ajar kaknad masak, so inshort, lepas kawen baru kaknad btol2 boleh masak ahaha :P

Good luck azie! I just know that ur nasi goreng will be so very delicious!! nak sikitttt!! :D